ER Alternative Finder

The ER Alternative Finder allows you to search for Retail Health Clinics, Walk-in Doctors Offices, and Urgent Care Centers near your area.

ER Alternative Finder

Emergency room visits can cost more than you think, and ER wait times are at an all-time high. Why so crowded and costly? One reason is that people use the ER not knowing that alternatives exist.

If you're not having a true emergency, you can still get quality care without visiting the ER.

The ER Alternative Finder allows you to search for Retail Health Clinics, Walk-in Doctor's Offices, and Urgent Care Centers near your area, which can save you time and money.

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Meemo Media Labs is a digital agency which specializes in creating mobile applications and websites.

We work closely with our clients to provide end-to-end mobile application solutions: from concept generation to implementation and support.

We believe strongly in creating products that are not only technically robust, fast, and defect-free, but also beautiful and a joy to use!

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Nelson provides project management and design direction for Meemo Labs. In his spare time, he enjoys wilderness adventures, photography and fonts.

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Chief Technology Officer

Alex provides software architect skills for Meemo Labs. When he is not designing sweet software, he is skiing down mountains whilst eating submarine sandwiches.

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Chief Science Officer

Iris provides software development expertise for Meemo Labs. She roller skates with great enthusiasm in her free time.

ER Alternative Finder in the News

Read about how Meemo Media labs is helping reduce emergency room visits with the ER Alternative Finder.

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7.22.10 Healthcare Finance News

"...C. Burke King, 'By utilizing technology to provide general education in innovative ways, we can help our members make better educated healthcare decisions and be better stewards of their healthcare dollar.'"

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